Dissolve fat, regrow hair, and treat cellulite with Mesotherapy!

With mesotherapy, you can dissolve fat without surgery, treat areas of hair loss, improve those irritating areas of cellulite, and so much more!

What is mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is a method of treating medical conditions that has existed for centuries. Rather than having a patient take a medication by mouth and suffer potential systemic side effects, the philosophy of mesotherapy is to deliver these medications locally, so effects are more dramatic while maximizing safety. The medications delivered include FDA approved medications for the medical condition, and the efficacy of the treatment has been proven, though many physicians are unfamiliar with this procedure.

How does mesotherapy work?
A combination of medications, including FDA approved medications for your condition, are injected locally at the site where they are needed. These medications then begin working at the specific site over days to weeks, yielding subtle improvements that are natural in appearance. As these stepwise improvements are combined in multiple sessions performed at two week intervals, the desired results can be attained.

Following the Procedure
You will be able to resume your normal work and recreation activities immediately. For comfort, loose clothing should be worn until all swelling and soreness subsides. The treatment process is gradual, and the number of sessions needed depends on the severity of your condition. Subtle improvement should be seen approximately two weeks following each treatment.

Risks & Complications
Side effects from mesotherapy are rare and almost always mild. Minor side effects include itching or skin discoloration at the injection site. Sometimes there can be firmness and tenderness in the area treated. All these side effects tend to clear up spontaneously. The most serious complication, which is very rare, is a severe allergic reaction to a mesotherapy medication. Even when performed by a highly skilled physician, there are potential side effects and complications.

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